Hangover day with family
On Mar 29, 2017
Hangover day with family
After a crazy friday night out and a difficult morning (waking up next to a hairy beast is not that pleasant, I tell ya) (and I'm talking about my dog, you freak!), it's time to get cozy and have a quiet day at home.
For me, family is on the menu and I must say that it always makes me smile. Long talks with the sis, coffee time with the mama and philosophy debate with daddy (men can be interesting, sometimes) are the things to boost me up! And if a dinner with all of them is planned to end this beautiful day, it's even better!
But with a hangover like I have, better to keep the look a bit simple (meaning I dont wanna think too much about it).
I need an outfit that is girly but easy. Isn't it the dream?!
I guess a black tutu is the right choice, mixed with a simple white t-shirt, a denim jacket and sneakers (because my feet are still crying from last night), et voilà!
Ready to eat like a piglet (they're so cute! don't argue with me!) and drink water like a camel (oh so sexy).