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Hometown glory!
On Nov 16, 2017
Hometown glory!

We're back! After a few months at the seaside, we felt a little home sick :) So here we are, and it feels gooooood!

The pop-up shop in Antwerp is again opening its doors, to a world where dreams do come true! There is power and elegance in everyone of us, and being a woman is first and foremost a matter of playing with open cards when it comes to this. Be Alice invites to be both determined and feminine at the same time. Strong women take the lead - and preferably in a pastel-colored tutu.


During the winter months a number of new items will be introduced in the shop in Antwerp, the range will be expanded with items that will complement the world of The Tutu Shop. We are also thrilled to be introducing the glitter tutu very soon!

The store in the Grand Bazar is open from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 6:30 pm and on all announced shopping Sundays.

Come say hi! x