Knokke, Knokke, who's there?
On Jun 06, 2017
Knokke, Knokke, who's there?
Knokke is the place to be this summer! Why? Because The Tutu Shop will be there!

After crazy months at the Wijnegem Shopping center in Antwerpen, our pop up store has now moved to the beautiful Belgian seaside. Indeed, we decide to invade Knokke again this year! Our tutu’s are taking over the place and we couldn’t be more happy about it.


Our tutu paradise, situated on Dumortierlaan 99, has the power of making everyone coming in smile. It’s fluffy, colorful and incredibly pretty: what’s more to ask for? Nothing, I tell ya! So why not plan a little trip to the coast to enjoy the sun, the fresh air, and of course to try on our tutus?

Our collection of tutus is simply inspired by women. We have 6 different lengths that come in 21 colors, to satisfy any woman out there who wants to feel like a princess. Whatever your shapes, your size, your needs, we have anything you want! Don’t hesitate to come for a visit and try on our fabulous tutus. You’ll probably fall in love with one of them!


If you don’t feel like the tutu kind of girl, you can always have a look at the other products we sell in the store such as hair pins, candles, interior decoration and jewelry.

 “The Tutu Shop store in Knokke was built with the real spirit of our brand: we wanted it to be girly, colorful and you can really feel girl power vibe when you get in. The store is also so big that we can really show the whole collection. And anybody’s coming in will definitely find something that fits!” (Isabelle, CEO of The Tutu Shop)