These Christmas Miracles are yours to give!
On Dec 06, 2018
These Christmas Miracles are yours to give!

Snow falls softly on the
hearts of those who believe
in the miracles of Christmas.
- Susan Gale

My Christmas Mode auto-activates as soon as December hits,
and I’m not going to lie,
it’s an all-in kinda thing in my case.
Yes, indeed...I mean over-the-tutu-top decorations and opulent lighting,
a maximalist approach to everything tree-related,
an entire house that looks like a fairy tale’s Winter Wonderland,
seems to produce frosted pinecones and snow-dusted branches,
and has a Ho-Ho-Ho for a doorbell sound.

In addition to all of this,
I turn into this ‘everything needs to be abundantly cosy’,
‘Snuggle sweater’-wearing,
stereotypical American romcom-gal.
And I’ll tell you what: I’m darn proud of it!

No surprise then that this blog post will be dedicated to helping you in
getting the perfect X-mas presents for your loved ones.
Because, in all fairness, that’s how you create true Christmas Miracles for them <3.

Without further ado:

  • The Tutu Shop Gift Card
    Yasssss, you read it right! It’s new - it’s pink - it’s a GREAT way to win your friends over to the tutu side ;-). Don’t forget to send us your lovely portraits once the whole gang is tutu’d up!
    Gift Card
  • Erin Condren’s 2019 LifePlanner
    NOW is the best time to start implementing the ‘new year, new me’-changes. Make sure your friend, family member, colleague or acquaintance is one step ahead with Erin Condren’s famous LifePlanner, which includes a planner, agenda, calendar & notebook for to-do lists and dreams. Organization is a celebration!

    Erin Condren's LifePlanner
  • Pom-Pom Hats
    Ok, so you’ve put on your fluffy sweater and matched it with one of our comfy over-knee tutus...what’s missing? That’s right: a trendy pom-pom hat. Enough brands, colors, sizes and pom-pom looks to choose from...and a perfect little gift as well!

    Pom-Pom Hat
  • Glass Jewelry Display Case
    Having bought a few of these myself recently, I just know they can also make an amazing present. You can even put something of worth in there...a gift within a gift! Furthermore, they look great on whatever (side) table or surface you put them and they’re a great way to store your jewelry, keys etc.

    Glass Jewelry Display Case Having
  • Pink Dining Experience
    No further explanation needed, I’d say.
    If only I could go back to the moment I first discovered MaMa Kelly (Amsterdam)...what an experience it was! Imagine the compliments, endless friendship points and love you’ll receive when your bestie realizes where you’ve bought him/her lunch or dinner!

    MaMa Kelly Amsterdam
  • Multicoloured Yoga Training Mat
    Surely not everybody was kung fu fighting…
    Nope. Yoga has been steadily on the rise as the new ‘trendy’ form of physical exercise. Without starting an online debate about whether or not it should be considered a sport, it’s just fun and multiple studies have confirmed its many mental and physical benefits. Plus, you get to do it on these fancy training mats :-D which make a great gift, by the way!

    Multicoloured Yoga Training Mat
  • The Tutu Shop’s New Girlboss Hustle T-Shirts
    You might’ve picked it up from our newsletter already: the newest t-shirt in our tutu collection...which perfectly represents the sexy feminist philosophy we at The Tutu Shop so proudly proclaim. Boost your friend’s or colleague’s confidence by putting this under your Christmas tree. And get yourself one as well, while you’re at it :-D. #girlbossin’

    The Tutu Shop’s New Girlboss Hustle T-Shirts

The above gift ideas are a ‘sure hit’ this season...but darling, keep in mind: the best Christmas presents are tailored and/or customized to the lifestyle, needs or wishes of the person who you’re giving it to. Take the time to get them something you think they’ll love. And maybe, just maybe...they’ll consider it a Christmas Miracle ;-)
But always remember the greatest gift of Christmas is being together with your friends and family.

I’m crawling back into my overly decorated Christmas cave.