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Wearing a tutu at work? For sure!
On Apr 05, 2017
Wearing a tutu at work? For sure!
Having to go to work doesn't mean your tutu needs to stay in the closet! Try this out and make your colleagues jealous.

Hey gorgeous!

You probably already guessed that as employees at Tutu Shop, we get to wear a tutu every day. We couldn't be happier of course! But hey, why couldn't you do that too?! Wearing a tutu at work can be totally alright as it's styled correctly.

A tutu can be as chic or as casual as you like, so dare to try different styles with your favorite color tutu.
If you want to keep it simple, an over knee tutu never goes out of style, especially when the color is navy blue
Combine it with a simple blouse and some basic shoes, you will be the star of the day! Very classy but still basic and professional.
If it’s okay with your boss to stand out a little with your outfit, you can go for a brighter color. Maybe a Plum or a Fuchsia? Combine it with flat shoes if you need to stand up all day, comfort is very important! A basic t-shirt and a perfecto jacket to top it off and you are ready to go!
Go get’em now!