Back Tutu School: The Little Princess Edition
On Aug 22, 2018
Back Tutu School: The Little Princess Edition

Hi mommy dearest!

DISCLAIMER: this post might be written for young mothers raising gorgeous, confident and sexy feminists to be...don’t let it hold you back, sweet teenager or ambitious college student. You’d rock that tutu just as bad during school hours! Just a little less “awww” and a little more “wowww”.

After having spent two lovely summer months enjoying the company of your beautiful little one, the time has almost come to send her back off to kindergarten / (pre)school.

85% obvious regret
15% secret relief, right ;-)?

Back Tutu School 1

Now, when it comes to the regular courses,
your little Princess might get good grades…
but how are her results in the fashion department?
Are you helping her with that kind of homework, as well?
You should tho: independent tutu research has shown that feeling good means performing well.
It’s not rocket science!
And even if it were, imagine how adorable, classy and smart-assy she’d look in a twirly tutu, just charming her way through the playground or school building.

Back Tutu School 2

Yes, that’s InstaGrammy-material right there.

Back Tutu School 3

Well, seems like the time is now:
we are proudly promoting our tulle skirts as a mandatory part of kindergarten & (pre)school outfits. Who wouldn’t want having a self-confidence booster attached to her lower body all day?

In short:
make her stutudy hard,
and watch her get good grades ;-)

Back Tutu School 4