How to ban a hangover?
On Aug 15, 2017
How to ban a hangover?
We all hate that hangover feeling after a big night out. That's the reason why we gathered a few tips to avoid it!
It's the 15th of August and some of us would like to party like crazy. All we want to avoid is this terrible sick feeling the day after. Here are 5 things you should do to prevent this to happen! 

1. Alternate alcohol and water
Every time you finish a glass of alcohol, you should take a glass of water. The hangover feeling you have the day after a busy night is often caused by dehydration. Drink as much water as possible during the evening! 

2. Eat dinner 
Food slows down the absorption of alcohol and will keep you away from feeling drunk too fast. It will allow you to enjoy the evening entirely before feeling too dizzy. 

3. Don't drink too much bubbles
It's proved: fuzzy alcohol gets you drunk faster. Just keep in mind that the evening might be cut short if you don't know your limits. 

4. Get some sleep the night before
Having a good night sleep when you drank too much is quite a struggle. But you can at least get enough sleep the night before. Your body will feel less exhausted.
Et voilà! You will feel as fresh as a bird when you wake up tomorrow, as if nothing had happened (or almost) ;) Enjoy the party girls!

5. Just avoid too much alcohol
Be a little responsible and stop drinking alcohol as soon as you feel you had enough. It's always more fun when you can really enjoy a party!