Beach Bag Essentials
On Jul 23, 2018
Beach Bag Essentials

Packing your beach bag has become a delicate operation, mind you!
It’s not about just throwing some beach gear in there anymore.
Not by a long shot.
The contents of the treasure chest you bring along to a relaxing day in the sand should be either practical, entertaining or stylish. Or a combination of the three, obviously.
And, since you’ll be out there overlooking the ocean or getting your tan on for at least a few hours, you can’t afford to make mistakes now can you?

The Tutu Blog saves the day yet again :-D.

Here’s what we’d bring for a foolproof beach day that’s gonna be LIT:

  1. aesthetically pleasing beach bag
    whether it’s a jute, a woven, a straw or a canvas bag...or even a regular backpack, make sure it’s BIG and looks beachy enough. More inspiration to be found here.

  2. step up your sandal game
    they’ll give it a different trendy name every season, but open-toed footwear has been around for quite some time: the sandal was invented by the Egyptians who basically lived in the sand all their lives, so yeah...we should take their word for it. Go get yourself a pair (here or here) that matches your outfit, feel the sand between your toes and let those feet breathe, baby!

  3. twirly beach tutu, anyone?
    haha, what did you expect? OF COURSE we’d sneak a tutu in here, and rightfully so: it’s light, comfortable, easy to put on & take off...and it’ll bring your beach outfit straight up to an A+!

  4. big bikini business
    swimwear fashion has been spoiling us lately: more cute beach trends arise every year, which means less stress & more options to choose from. Are you a one-piece kinda gal? Maybe with a low, scooped back? Or do you prefer stripes, polka dots, maybe floral prints? Do you like matching a regular bikini top with a high-waisted bottom? Or are you going for a shoulder-baring swimsuit? Ohhh, God, all these options!

    PRO TIP: a one-piece can be both swimsuit and bodysuit. Match it with that twirly tutu we mentioned earlier and you can get (un)dressed in a matter of seconds!

  5. put a sun hat on it!
    it's never a bad idea to bring along a sun hat! Be it for style or for safety (pale people with burn-prone skin, I'm looking at you!). Luckily, again, there's a wide variety of options out there. Nothing wrong with the big, floppy beach hats, obviously, but we also heard that the (holographic) visor is making its return...

  6. the right towel to strike a pose with
    originally invented to merely dry an object or a person, the towel, too, has become a design and/or fashion statement. So make sure to pick a cute one...or one that color-matches your beach outfit ;-)

  7. a beach blanket
    ok, I gotta be honest here. My mind was blown when I first saw someone bring a towel and a separate blanket... I was always so used to just having one towel at the beach, but holy hell doesn't it make PERFECT sense to take both? A blanket to lie on and a towel to dry yourself off. 

    PS: the round blankets are pretty popular right now!

  8. a towel carrier, d'uh!
    this one is just too awesome to not include in this list. Yes, a towel carrier is a thing. Love it!

  9. inflatable stuff
    the beach requires inflatable stuff, simple as that. Think of it as a spirit animal, but for floating and 'Gram purposes instead...a spirit inflatable! Is yours a unicorn, flamingo, donut, a pineapple or a watermelon? 

    PRO TIP: naturally, you’re gonna want to ask one of the hunks to inflate it for you ;-)

  10. what else?
    I could go one here, trust me. But since you should actually be going to the beach (look at this weather!) instead of reading this blog post, I'll use this last one to list some more items that come to mind:

    - kick-ass SHADES
    - bracelets & pendants
    - sunblock
    - sun-safe lip balm
    - spf hair spray
    - beachy phone case
    - (rosé) wine cooler
    - waterproof bluetooth speaker
    - e-reader

So, as I'm getting ready for the beach myself right now,
I'll wrap this one up by saying:


Find me tutu-in' around at a beach near you ;-)