Beauty tricks to remember
On Jun 07, 2017
Beauty tricks to remember
Did you ever thought that your beauty routine might actually be wrong? Here are a few tips to not make mistakes again and be the beautysta of the year!
When you don't have the budget to invest in expensive beauty treatments, it feels good to know that just simple tricks with the products you already own can bring as much noticeable results.

Follow those and you'll end as a beauty queen

1. Fill in lips with lip liner


Your lip liner can be used to outline your lips, but also as a base for your lipstick! It will help it to stay on longer and prevent color bleeding. 
First, chose a lip liner that matches your lipstick. Outline the edges of your lips and then fill in the corners or your lips entirely. Then, put on your lipstick.

2. Tap products on your skin, don't rub!

Indeed, tapping serums, lotions, liquid or cream make up will stimulate blood circulation and give you a natural glow. Also, it will help the skin to absorb the product. 
Use the tip of your finger to tap the product. 

3. Mix foundation with moisturizer.

This method is perfect for dry skin as it will make the foundation look more natural
Mix one pump of foundation with a small amount of cream. You can adapt the amount of foundation to moisturizer to your needs. 

4. Dry your hair the other way

If you want hair bounce and volume, dry your hair the opposite side of your natural fall. 
Your hair will still fall according to your natural look, but it will have more volume.