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Become a morning person
On Jul 12, 2017
Become a morning person
Mornings can be painful. But being an early riser has its good sides! So let's give it a try.

You hate mornings? It's ok. But you might miss a lot by staying in bed too late! 

1. Studies have showed that people who wake up early in the morning are happier. Maybe is it because you can get stuff done faster and then release stress!

2. Also, it has been prooved that night owls suffer from insomnia much more often than early risers. 

3. Morning people are more proactive. They are better in anticipating problems and resolving them sooner. Which leades to better grades and better work opportunities!

4. People who get up early in the morning are more conscientious and organized. They will be more goal-oriented and will pay more attention to details. 

5. Early risers are at lower risk for depression. 

But how to become an early person when you love pushing the snooze button?

- Pile on the protein -> Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so if you want to make mornings more bearable, bet on protein to re-energize your body. 

- Take some time for yourself -> Read a chapter of your favorite book, listen to the news, do an exercise routine or meditate. Select something that means something to you and do it before starting your day. 

- Invite the lights indoors -> Your brain is sensitive to light. So let the sun come in to be able to wake up more easily. 

Those advice will help you to face mornings with a smile and start your day on the right foot!