Best spots in Ibiza
On Jul 04, 2017
Best spots in Ibiza
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Ibiza has a lot of hidden treasures. Here a few spots you definitely have to visit when you're there! 

1. The restaurant Lamuella

Lamuella is the perfect place for a cosy dinner in good company. The atmosphere in the room is very calm and warm, and the decoration is romantic. Drapes are flowing in the wind and candles are shining all around. 

2. The restaurant La Brasa

This place is ideal if you are with friends! The food is super good and the location is so welcoming that you'll feel like home. It is relaxing and fun at the same time: perfect to start a night with your squad! 

3. Nikki Beach

Nikki Beach is the place to be if you want to party and enjoy the sun at the same time. The sofas and beds you can rent are extremely comfortable and the people next to you will be in the exact same mood as you are: happy and having the best time! 


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