Cocktail party to attend? We're ready!
On Feb 20, 2017
Cocktail party to attend? We're ready!
Finding an outfit for a cocktail party is not always easy. Pants? Dress? Well, isn't it the right time to wear your tutu and feel invincible?

It's weekend, and we all know that Saturday rhymes with PARTAY! If some of us rather like to completely lose it on the dancefloor (you go girl!), other girls will have some official events to attend. Like a cocktail party, or an exhibition (which is about the same for me as both include free glasses of wine... yay!).

As some of you might still hesitate to wear a tutu in a place where uptight and posh people might judge you (don't forget to lift your pinky finger when you sip your drink, darling), we have decided to show you that even a colored tutu will do the trick!

As a cocktail party is supposed to be a bit funky (that's what the word cocktail is all about after all) and an art event is always a little eccentric, we opted for a pop of color! To cool the look down a little (we don't want to make other people jealous), a white shirt will be perfect. Add some heels and a colored bag and you'll be the eye catcher of the night!