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Dear body
On Nov 02, 2017
Dear body

This month we celebrate body positivity. Society tends to put pressure on women to fit into a little box: they should act like this, look like that, not do this but do that. No surprise that some people feel bad about themselves if they don't follow the flow. But why not celebrate our differences? Why not see ourselves as simply unique and beautiful people, whatever the body we're in: thin, chubby, tall, small, black, white or even green. We should love ourselves for what we are and not compare our appearance to anybody else's because we're all beautiful anyway. 

For a long time, I hated my body. I wasn't built as a Victoria's secret model and I hated my body for that. But today, I finally realized that beauty isn't a question of shape. It's only a question of well-being. Accept yourself, know yourself and be happy for the rest of your life. 

With a step back, this is what I'm able to say to my body now: 

1. I'm sorry I hated you for so long because you're beautiful as you are. 

2. You surprise me with what you capable of sometimes.

3. I love that we can enjoy chocolate together.

4. I love that your skin is so soft and clean.

5. I'm so proud that you follow me when I want to push my limits. 

6. I'm sorry for being so impatient sometimes. 

7. I'm sorry for starving you.

8. I love how your freckles come out in the sun.

9. I'm amazed to see how strong you are and how good you are at keeping me healthy. 

10. I love how your eyes change colors with the seasons. 

11. You surprise me with how fast you can progress in our cardio sessions. 

12. Good job on the boobs!

13. Thank you for having the best orgasms ever.

14. Sorry for being ashamed of you sometimes. I should be more confident. 

15. I'm so grateful for begin able to heal so fast thanks to you!

And you, what would you say to your body?