Stress level = none
On May 28, 2017
Stress level = none
Stress can have a real influence on our mood and body function. It affects our lives a lot so we decided it's time to RELAX! Some tips might help so here you go.

Hello ladies!

Whether you're going through a big change in your life, feel overwhelmed or just have to face yet another challenge, stress can easily make us feel down and uncomfortable with ourselves. But thank god, it's also something we can manage with a good strategy. 
Rather than hoping for the best, try to stick to below habits and mindset that will bring more calm to your days. 

1. Take everything one step at a time
No matter how small or easy your task is, just take it one step at a time. It will simplify your life considerably.

2. Spend time outside everyday
Breathing fresh air is the easiest way to lift your mood. Go for a walk, eat lunch at the park, work in your garden. It doesn't have to be complicated. 

3. Sleep
Sleep is a non-negotiable thing. 6 hours per night is a minimum!

4. Exercise
A quick workout will always boost your energy level and easy your anxiety so no excuse. Even a 10 minutes sweat session will do the trick!

5. Be flexible
Keeping a to-do list to help you make it through the day can be helpful, but if you're too drastic with your schedule, it will stress you even more. Just try to be flexible and move things around when you feel that you have to. 

6. See your friends
Planning relaxing time in your schedule is a way of taking care of yourself. Spend time with your friends, pamper yourself or just chill out for a moment and you'll feel like a new person!