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The mystical island of Es Vedrà
On Jul 07, 2017
The mystical island of Es Vedrà
The most beautiful place in Ibiza

The uninhabited rock island of Es Vedrà is situated 2 km off the west coast of Ibiza. It is said to be the third most magnetic spot on the planet and myths and legends tend to reinforce the mystery of this majestic island. 

Es Vedrà isn't exactly easy to get to, but that also adds to the magic of the place and the adventure. Just pack a picnic, ride the car through the little pathways and enjoy the view. Because indeed, Es Vedrà is one of those unique spots in the world that takes your breath away as soon as you discover it. 

Our experience there was kind of unexpected. Indeed, when we arrived close enough to the edge to really enjoy the horizon picture, we ran into a couple who was getting married. How romantic can you be?! The view was amazing, the location was a bit hidden and there were only 3 people celebrating: the lovers and the priest. They looked so happy and in love that it completely made our hearts melt. 

Describing Es Vedra is hard to put in words. It's a place of natural beauty that needs to be experienced and understood.

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