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Favorite things about fall
On Oct 04, 2017
Favorite things about fall

The arrival of autumn often comes with rain, colder and shorter days. But it also brings a lot of things we actually were missing! Here are a few of them:

- Colours! All the different colours in the trees make everything beau-ti-ful.

- Movie nights on the couch. Because it's cold outside, and all we want is to cuddle under the blanket.

- Hot chocolate and candy bars orgy (while watching movies at night). It's autumn, so you can. Definitely.

- It's the perfect season to wear our long tutus, not too hot - not too cold.

- Cozy sweaters. Because they're warm and comfy. Btw, they look great on a long tutu! #winner

- Halloween. Because you get to dress up, play crazy and be creepy. And eat candy. Lots of candy.

- New TV Shows. They are mostly released in October and that means... more movie nights! #woohoo

- Glühwein. Don't start me here.

- Fireplace weather. Because reading a book by the flames warming your butt is the best feeling ever. 

- We're getting closer to Christmas. And we absolutely love Christmas. 

- Long walks in the woods!

Aaaah, autumn is definitely my fave. I'm currently watching Netflix from my couch, with the fire on, Happy (our office dog) resting after loooong walk, hot chocolate on my plate, a big sweater on my shoulders, and a blanket on my lap. Happy us! :)

And you, did you already fall in love with fall?