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Feeling stressed? Have an orgasm.
On Feb 12, 2017
Feeling stressed? Have an orgasm.
Feeling stressed is sometimes unevitable. But to release stress is compulsory. And what's best than a little bed party?
If there's one thing that can make me completely relaxed, even when I feel terribly anxious, it's an orgasm!
People often see sex as a moment of fun and recreation, but personally, I also see it as a good way to release pressure. Isn't it the perfect alternative to Xanax?! Free and fun above all! 
When life comes up with uncertainties and challenges, our bodies naturally reacts with anxiety, that often comes with migraines, belly cramps and a bad mood.
If you'd go to a doctor for some kind of help, she'd probably suggest trying a cocktail of drugs. She could also tell you to change your diet and transform your lifestyle, which would include eating organic products, going to yoga classes and meditate for an hour everyday.
But girls, let's be realistic, I AIN'T GOT TIME FOR THAT! (or the budget...) Who want to spend money on a chilling activity when you can have it for free at home?!
So grab your boyfriend by the balls (gently) or your girlfriend by the breasts and show him or her the way (partners need leaders)! If you don't have a partner at hand, time to take out your fave sextoy (yes, I said it...) from your secret cupboard. And if you don't have that, use your hands. (NO SHAME!).
We all deserve to get a little break from time to time so if the way to a total chill is an orgasm, I'll take it every single day