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How do I take care of my tutu?
On Mar 02, 2017
How do I take care of my tutu?
A tutu is a special piece of clothes and must be taken care of the good way. Let's see how to do!

Girls, taking care of a tutu from Tutu Shop is doable with 2 fingers in your nose ! (we'll avoid to do that literally though, and try to keep it glamorous)

The washing → you can put your tutu in the washing machine, always on the wool program. Tutus are made in delicate fabrics and should be regarded as very precious! So avoid the high temperatures.

The drying → hang it up and wait (make love, have a little party or just sip a glass of wine, time will fly!). Absolutely no dryer or you tutu will end in the kids closet.

The ironing → same rule : keep it cool! Put your iron on low temperature and iron your tutu inside out. 

Et voilà! Very practical : no need to be the perfect housekeeper and
even your partner can do it for you!