Women are amazing!
On Apr 12, 2017
Women are amazing!
Women are truly amazing and still we don't congratulate ourselves enough. Here are the reasons why you should be proud of being a girl!

Busy women with job/kids/pets/partners/a-million-things-to-do-everyday often don't find the time to congratulate themselves on being amazing. But we actually are! Being a woman is so great and this is why

- Fashion-wise, we have so much more choice. When men can pick pants or shorts, we get tutus, dresses, culottes, leggings, etc. And plenty of different ones! 
- We have boobs. Best body part, am I right?!
- Men don't fully understand us and that mystery is power
- We multi-task : hello texting, putting makeup on, looking for directions at the same time. 
- We can save money: think "ladies happy hour" at the bar
- We can wear make-up (and it stays on point after a crazy night out)
- We live longer
- We can enjoy different hairstyles and dyeing options 
- We have female intuition, which can save us sometimes!
- And will end with two words : multiple orgasms...