Want a "summer body"? Make love.
On May 13, 2017
Want a "summer body"? Make love.
Summer is around the corner : time to get rid of these unflattering kilos! And for that, we have the perfect work-out : sex!
Because yes, we all have been wondering...
Summer is on it's way and we're starting to get a bit more concerned about how we look in a bikini (or naked, it depends what beach you go or what bitch you are).
But not all of us like to hit the gym. Too many people, too many machines, too many complexes.
So I've been looking for an activity that could replace the typical workout.
My first idea was to try cryotherapy. You just have to sit and wait (say what?). But the cold  bothered me and cryotherapy is all about the cold. And I mean, freezing cold. I guess exposing my body to subzero temperatures is just not for me.  
I also thought about doing a few exercises while watching my favorite series. It was quite a success until the TV screen showed food. Then I had to run to the fridge and feed myself (I was starving from the 10 sit-ups, you know).
Then, after a (hot) night with the love of my life, while I was still feeling sore from all the positions we tried, I figured "Of course, this is it!". 
Yes ladies! Sex is a sport! And above all, it's a sport that engages every muscle. Calorie wise, we're talking about an average of 150-200 kcal for an intercourse of 45 minutes. Which is not too bad, right?! Of course, it doesn't replace your weekly run.
But it's better than nothing! 
So if you're not the gym-addict kinda girl, keep in mind that you can always SEXERCISE!