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How to give a twist to an outfit on the fly?
On Apr 08, 2017
How to give a twist to an outfit on the fly?
You're already the fabulous owner of a tutu but you don't really know how to style it? Read our few tips to nail your look!
We thought you might want some little tips to update your tutu look. 
We found some great moves that are very easy to do and totally worth the try.
There are a lot of minor twists you can make to your outfit to make it look more significant! Here are a few : 

1. BELTING : the best way to highlight your waist even more when you wear a tutu will be to wear a pretty belt! It's also a good way to tackle the extra fabric of your t-shirt that's coming out! 

2. PINNING : if belting isn't your thing, you can always grab the extra fabric of your top in the back or the front, and pin it with a vintage broach! It will look super chic! 

3. CUFFING : this is the simplest styling trick ever! And it will directly make your outfit look more edgy. It doesn't need to be symmetrical, a laid-back look is always a good option! 


We hope these little tricks will inspire you! Don't hesitate to share your ideas with us on instagram with the hashtag #tutushoponline or #tutuchallenge!