How to travel on a budget?
On Jul 30, 2017
How to travel on a budget?
You want to see the world but you don't have much money? We got some tips for you!

Who wouldn't like to discover the world for just tiny money? Traveling can be difficult when you're broke. But we have a few hacks that might help. 

1. Go less central and less touristy.
The less tourists, the cheaper it will be. 

2. Go to eastern Europe
Eastern countries have amazing cities that are really cheap. 

3. House-sit around your world
Be the one keeping the house while the owners are gone. 

4. Sleep in hostels
It's cheaper and you'll get to meet people! 

5. Use other transportation than planes
Buses and trains are often cheaper than flight tickets

6. Cook your own food
Cooking your meals instead of eating out everytime will save you big money.

7. Plan early
The earliest you plan your trip, the cheapest your deals will be.