Mixing vintage and new : a big YES!
On Mar 31, 2017
Mixing vintage and new : a big YES!
Save money and stay stylish : buy vintage! See how to build a tutu-outfit with vintage pieces.

A lot of us don't dare to buy vintage pieces as they might look too old, out of fashion or simply too used. But let me tell you, if you go to the right store, you can find jewels!

 So go for it and you'll see you won't be disappointed. Especially when you know that a piece of vintage in an outfit can add a little pretty something


Yes, I said it! Mixing vintage and new is a big trend and it can totally rock if you're able to limit yourself.
Indeed, the best way to wear your vintage clothes and accessories is to put on one vintage piece per outfit (like a vintage white shirt, with a black tutu), otherwise it might look like you just raided your grandma's closet! That rule is quite important if you're wearing a major vintage piece, like a big sequined sweater or a big fur coat. If so, try to update the look with a simple on-trend item like ankle booties, or a simple white t-shirt.
Surprising combinations can definitely make a dated piece of clothing look fresh again!