Want to pack like a pro?
On Jul 18, 2017
Want to pack like a pro?
Want to learn how to pack your luggage the smart way? We have some easy tricks for you!

We all know that packing a luggage can be a struggle. That's why we gathered a few tricks to make it easier


    • Keep your cables organizes in a case so you don't have to look for it when you land.

    • Don’t fold your clothes! Roll them up.

    • Take medicines, even when you almost never get sick

    • Put extra stuff in your handlugage, like a bikini, you can reach it very fast if you have to wait for your room, a towel can also be useful as a blanket in the airplane and slipper in case your feet get too hot.

    • Use a showercap to keep your dirty shoes away from your clothes.

    • Hang a colorful scarf on your suitcase to recognize it from miles away.

    • Make sure your phone is completely charged before you leave and that you have some cash money.

    • Put your jewelry through a straw to keep it from tangling.

    • Keep your laptop on top in your luggage cause you might have to take it out for the douane control.

    • Keep your parfume bottle in a sock to avoid it from breaking