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S'argamassa Villas
On Jul 05, 2017
S'argamassa Villas
S'argamassa villas in Ibiza is the place you'll stay if you're the happy winner of our contest! Check it out!

You're probably wondering what your accomodation will look like if you win the contest... Well, this is it! 

The S'argamassa villas are situated on the east coast of Ibiza, in the Cala Pada neighborhood. They are the perfect accomodation if you want to travel with your friends! Not only because it is spacious, but also because you have access to everything you could need during your stay. 

The outside area is great and includes a private swimming pool. How amazing is that?! And if you prefer the beach, no problem! Walk 5 mintues and you'll get there... 
The S'Argamassa villas are indeed a piece of heaven. The staff is awesome, always doing their best to give you an incredible experience, and the villas themselves are very comfortable. 


If you didn't take part in the contest yet, go on and follow the instructions! Maybe you'll be the lucky one!