Seasonal styling tips
On Jul 25, 2017
Seasonal styling tips

Summer is here and our tutus are already packed for our next trip!

Every new season come with its trends and we thought it would be the perfect time to share some good styling tips with you. 

1. Have faith in flowers

Floral is THE pattern to bet on this season! Any color will be good, but staying simple is the motto: one floral piece in an outfit is enough. 

2. Go for flashy colors

Bright colors are definitely in this season. The brighter, the better. 

3. The shirt knot is a thing

This styling tip is not new but it's one to use this summer! And it's perfect with a tutu so go for it.

Simple tips but very efficient! And you see that all these tricks are easily doable with a tutu. So girls, apply these trends and be the next fashionista in town!