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Sporty girl + tutu = possible!
On Apr 12, 2017
Sporty girl + tutu = possible!
Who said you couldn't look sporty with a tutu? Three, two, one... check out our outfit idea!

Hello ladies!

At The Tutu Shop, the word "impossible" doesn't exist. It's not in our tutu-cabulary neither in our tutu-ctionary. So when one of you ask to create a look for sporty women, we simply do it. Without question. First because we would do everything for our lovely supporters, but also because we love challenges

Just so you know, the look we came with isn't one you can wear at the gym. Or at least, we don't recommend it (please send us a picture if you do so). It's just an outfit that you'd probably like to wear if you like casual, sporty and comfy fashion combinations.
First item: the tutu. We wanted a tutu that wasn't too short, neither too long. Something "passe-partout" that we could eventually wear when supporting our brother at a basketball match. The over-knee tutu was then an obvious choice. 
The color had to be neutral as well. We want to keep it simple. Powder here was a good option! 
As it's very trendy this season, we decided to put a "number-printed" t-shirt (very sporty as well) and a bomber above it which definitely brings the outfit to an higher level of coolness ✌🏻
For the shoes, we know that "comfy and sporty" drive us to sneakers. Pick them in a color close to the tutu color: it will help to keep the balance between all the items of the look.  
Et voilà, you're ready to hit the football fields and tennis courts!