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On Sep 02, 2017
Start right!

And here we are, back in school. The summer passed so fast that I'm still wearing my bikini under my clothes and didn't even noticed. It was great and my head is now full of memories. But it's time to get back on track and get ready for the new challenges coming.

Here is how to start off the right way!

Be organized

Make schedules, make to-do list and write things down. It will help you to have an overview of what's left to do and what has been done. Also, it will help you keep track of your evolution! What a great feeling when you look back and see how much you have improved :) 

Keep it positive

Being negative about events, projects or people will only make you feel worse. Try to see the best in everything and enhance that side. 

Admit your mistakes and weaknesses

You can't always be right: there will always be people doing better than you at something. But, hey, these are the people you can learn from! Just embrace that part of you that is not perfect and keep on going strong! 

Don't forget to relax

Having some time for yourself is important if you want to keep a good spirit at work (or at school). See your friends and family, spend time outside, work out. It will clear your mind from negative thoughts and will keep you in a good shape.

If you start doing this now, you'll sure meet success in your projects very soon!

Good luck babe