Success habits
On Sep 13, 2017
Success habits

Successful people always seem to keep it all together, to make it through each day in the best way while we are just struggling to put on matching socks. Are they smarter? Better? Or just lucky?  

No, no darling... Success isn't limited to your IQ or fate. Even if there's no precise formula, there's an agreement on the fact that a few habits can help you get to your success story. Here is a list of some of those: 

  1. Networking 

Successful people know the importance of exchanging ideas and get in touch with the right person when needed. They also value team work and collaboration.

  1. Read

Successful people read a lot because they want to learn all the time. By reading, they gain knowledge or insight. 

  1. Wake up early

Successful people rise early so they can devote more time to being successful. Also, they rise early to enjoy some time for themselves. 

  1. Health and Exercise

Successful people use their exercise as a time to reset. Also, they make their health a priority so they can always give their 100% best.  

  1. Make time for hobbies

Successful people are often interesting people, and their hobbies have a lot to do with that. It awakes their creativity and relieves stress.

  1. Positiveness 

Successful people know that having a positive attitude is one of the root causes of success. Keeping a positive attitude helps you to find a solution instead on focusing on the problem.

  1. Self-control

Successful people tend to avoid jumping into everything that comes their way. They avoid impulsiveness and prefer to plan things out. 

  1. Take responsibility

Successful people take responsibility for they actions. They don't blame others when they make a mistake and they're not afraid to admit when they mess up. 

  1. Know your priorities

Successful people have know their priorities to avoid being swayed and pushed around by the agendas of others. They constantly reevaluate their priorities and re-organize if needed. 

  1. Take risks

Successful people know that taking risk out of life brings opportunities out along with it. The person who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing.


And voilà! You have the checklist. Now go dress for success (and a tutu is a good option, if I may say!)