The man in tutu.
On Jan 31, 2017
The man in tutu.
This man is a hero...
Hi ladies, 

Today I'd like to share this article with you.
I must admit it’s funny, but it also made our hearts here at Tutu Shop melt a little.
It’s about a man who’s wearing a tutu. Yes, you read it right. A Man.

His wife is suffering from breast cancer. To make her forget the pain and make her smile more, he made some funny pictures.
Cause that’s what life is all about.

To Live, laugh and in our case, wear a tutu.

Now take some tissues and watch his movie.

Cancer is a thing no one would ever dare laugh about. However, with all the difficulties surrounding the illness, laughter can be the best medicine. The greatest example of this approach is The Tutu Project, a fun and simply endearing effort of a man who wanted to make things easier and funnier for his wife after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

A man with a pink tutu might be all you need when things get dark. This is what photographer Bob Carey decided to do when he found out about his wife Linda’s diagnosis of his wife Linda – he donned the pink ballet accessory and took photos of himself in various different and unexpected places. All this just to make his wife laugh.
Actually, the wonderfully successful images immediately inspired joy, laughter and brightness not only for the wife but for many other women and their beloved ones in the breast cancer patient community. It’s no wonder that the photographs went like hot cakes and people started spreading the amusing pictures all over the place.
Hopefully, this great endeavor will become a larger project to brighten the lives of even more people who suffer from this uninvited guest.
Lots of love, 

Shop Manager Wijnegem