Trust The Process
On Jan 23, 2018
Trust The Process

Ok, so a few weeks have passed since you’ve ambitiously (and maybe somewhat drunkenly) announced to the world (or to an equally drunk bff) your New Year’s Resolutions. 2018 will be your year, right? And even if you’re not the Facebook or Instagram addict we all are, surely you’ve made some secret and/or hidden promises to simply better yourself in two-ow-eighteen…

Of course, the day after celebrating the kick-off of the new year, everyone’s having a cheat can’t blame yourself for that!

On January 2nd, you took noticeable first steps to turn your life around. Awesome! You couldn’t be more proud. The winning streak continues on January 3rd...this might just actually work :-O. You’re becoming aware of the positive effects of your changed attitude towards life, health etc. A feeling of highly addictive euphoriaaaaa takes over and keeps you buzzing and going for a few days. See, this isn’t that hard? Why didn’t I do this earlier? Who needs motivational quotes!


Happiness looks gorgeous on you!


But then, January 8th vacay is over & you’re heading back to work. No worries, you’ve come prepared: mentally stable - healthy lunchbox - everything at home is in order - … You pull through but have to admit that it wasn’t an easy ride. Plus, you’ve still got a shitload of “new year, new me”-to-do’s to take care of at home, but only a few hours remain after you’ve finished your shift. Goddammit! On January 9th, it gets even worse. That’s right, Mr. Unforeseen Circumstance along with Mr. Murphy pay you an unwelcome visit and royally f*** up your schedule, to-do list AND resolutions!

Fast forward to the present day. You’re finding yourself in a constant state of “meh”, half-assing the promises you’ve made to your over-ambitious December 31st-self, that bitch. But how could you keep on going strong? Life’s just never going to stop throwing a shit pile of disappointments and difficulties at you, making it impossible to change your current situation.


Well, darling, we’re here to tell you to trust the process (and also to woman the fuck up!). Because those setbacks you’re experiencing: we all have to deal with them! Those resolutions you’ve shouted from the rooftops: we’ve all made them! Yes, even those productivity and motivational guru’s you’ve been looking up to. They might want you to believe that they’ve got everything perfectly under control, but honestly, they don’t. They, too, have doubts, issues, unforeseen circumstances, cheat days, down moments etc. BUT (and it’s a big but!), they do not let those negative influences keep them down.

The biggest mistake anyone trying to live a healthy lifestyle can possibly make, is getting discouraged the second they notice they can’t meet their daily (or weekly) goals. So they give up. “I’m not made for this. This isn’t working.” Pleaaaase, it will work if you keep on going and trust the process. Even if you haven’t “completed” your to-do list one single day for an entire month, you’ve still made more progress than the one who didn’t leave the couch. And that’s what it’s all about.

Because one day, you will finish that list...and keep finishing it, day after day, because your shit-handling experience has grown and you’ve got your planning systems in place.

Until a new setback presents itself. By then, you might be able to handle it properly without having to give in on your daily schedule. But even if you don’t, that doesn’t matter. Next time you will. And that, babe, is called trusting the process. It will get you somewhere. We believe in you!

Also, don't get it twisted: dressing up every day will help you put on your game face in the morning! Our suggestions for those power / killer looks:

The "empowering & mysterious stare into the distance" look
the Over-knee Navy Blue Tutu
(VESPA not incl.)
Over-Knee Navy Blue
The "if I can hunt down an imaginary blue cheetah & wear it as a jacket,
you're in for a wild ride" look
the Over-knee Baby Blue Tutu
The Over-Knee Baby Blue

The "this vessel was once owned by pirates but now I call the shots" look
the Over-knee Red Tutu
The Over-Knee Red