Rise Earlier & SHINE!
On Apr 26, 2018
Rise Earlier & SHINE!


To some of you Tutu Gals out there, 
it might look like the title of a gory horror movie...
what if we told you in all honesty 
that waking up early could just change your life 
and help you accomplish more. Like, a lot more!
Feelin' a bit mind-blowed by this? 
Sure, that's exactly how I felt at first...

Blow Your Mind


The why will become more clear as you start waking up earlier, I promise!
That is, if you indeed want to get a tighter grip on your life and conquer the world.
There's a certain overwhelming empowering feeling to being awake before the rest of the world, to getting a shitload done before some people haven't even had their morning pee yet, to being mentally and physically ready for war every day.

Research has shown, more than once for that matter, that the happiest, most successful and most productive people wake up early as f***, because:

  • waking up = winning
    • allow us to quote productivity king Tim Ferriss here (Google him, he's done quite some amazing things in his life): "When you win the morning, you win the day." And you'll feel like a winner, which makes you instantly more happy already!
  • nobody's troubling you!
    • we live in times of constant connectivity, resulting in a never-ending stream of notifications and restless people who are "always soooo busy". No inner peace, no moments of quiet rest. You'll become aware of an orgasmic feeling of just being able to do you. Do you. Without being disturbed, you get to decide what you want to do and what's important to you...instead of rolling out of bed, straight into a hailstorm of to-dos.
  • prioritizing & planning your day in peace
    • as an early riser, you've got the time and opportunity to let your thoughts flow freely in peace while you're getting ready for the day. You'll feel more organized, calmer and -essentially- happier, like you can take on a lot more.

Wake Up Already 

What is "early"?

Excellent question!
Some people might find 09:00 a.m. early, while other -slightly more "experienced"- early morning addicts will have their minds set on as early as 04:30 a.m
No, I'm not kidding.
Please stop laughing.

The truth is...it all depends on your daily routine. When do you need to be at work? How long does it take you to get there? Do you have to drop off your kids first?

Your so-called waking up goal should give you at least 1 hour (if you're an expert, bump this up to 1.5 to 2 hours or even more) almost completely to yourself before you set foot outside your door or engage in any work-related activity.
Do you need to sign in at work at 09:00 a.m. and does it take you roughly half an hour to get there? Ok, then your goal is to wake up at 06:30 a.m. But bear in mind: once you're addicted to the sweet sensation of waking up early, you're gonna want more!

Instantly Awake

What to do between waking up and going to work?

Well...that's entirely up to you!
The magic trick here is to make sure you wake up to do stuff you like to do.
But here are some suggestions to choose from (or combine):

  • spoil yourself with a delicious breakfast (you've got the time, honey!) paired with a big glass of water and a nice cup of tea / coffee (which help to boot up your internal systems) and a browse through today's / last night's news or your favorite blogs / websites. You can even put on an episode as long as you can resist to withstand the temptation to watch a second episode, and a third etc.
  • have a stretch or a moment of yoga / meditation
  • work out (jogging / power training / ...)
  • read and / or study
  • work on a new skill you're trying to develop or pick up a new hobby
  • take a nice, relaxing shower
  • assemble your outfit of the day
  • create a steady bathroom routine and try to stick with it: first oral health - than face wash - moisturize - make-up.
  • take your time to plan your day, go through your emailsother inboxes

Reading The Paper

But........HOW IN GOD'S NAME?

Obviouslyyyy....that's the million dollar question here!
SPOILER ALERT: it's a behavioral process - a routine - a habit that takes time to develop, not at all something you can change overnight.
But, since I like you so much, I'll give you some hacks that might help guiding you to becoming an early riser:

  • DON'T TRY TO SUDDENLY WAKE UP AT 05:00 A.M. IF YOU'RE USED TO GETTING UP AT 8. I've just told you...it's a process! Start by jumping out of bed an half hour earlier than you're used to and go from there.
  • read the first bullet point again
  • read the first bullet point one more time just to be sure
  • consider the dangers of "jumping into it too quickly":
    • it might just work the first time (since you're excited), but it'll be far more difficult to build a habit
    • you'll get discouraged and give up 
  • read the first bullet point one last time
  • go to bed earlier...that's right, it's that simple. You need at least between 6 to 8 hours of sleep. There are no healthy hacks to maintain #vampirelyfe, trust me! Just go to bed earlier instead of procrastinating in front of your tv!
  • at first, you might have some issues falling asleep earlier...again, it's a process! A few helpful things:
    • stop staring at screens an hour before you plan on falling asleep
      • it'll help shutting down your brain
      • read a book - meditate - talk to your partner
    • install the app f.lux (iOS and OSX), which changes the color scheme of your screens...blue screens keep you up ;-)
    • make sure there are at least two hours between your last heavy meal / dinner and your bed time
  • prepare your wake-up the night before
    • make sure your place is as tidy as possible so you don't walk into pure anarchist chaos the next morning
    • lay out your outfit
    • prepare your breakfast / lunch already
  • use a sleep analyzer like Sleep Cycle which monitors and analyzes your sleep and wakes you up in the lightest sleep phase...refreshed and awake
  • get yourself a sunrise alarm clock: a dimmer lamp that gradually gets brighter in the 30 min. leading up to your wake-up time. The light triggers your brain to stop producing melatonin (sleepy hormone) and start producing cortisol (wakey hormone) which makes you feel more alert when you wake up. Genious!
  • set your computer / laptop to slowly fade in to an iTunes playlist each morning with songs you like...you'll wake up all happy and dancy. Here's an app you could use to that purpose.
  • Alarmy is another great app that helps you to really get out of bed: https://alar.my
  • if you've got a heater / coffee maker with a timer: set it! Nothing beats walking into your living room or kitchen area and smelling COFFEE (or whatever tea you fancy)
  • a big glass of water might also help to kickstart the day!


If you have more related tips & tricks, make sure to let us know.
We're expecting to welcome some 04:00 a.m. comments here tomorrow...or, you know, in two weeks...'cause it's a PROCESS, exactly!


Isabelle out