What kind of top can I wear with a tutu?
On Mar 09, 2017
What kind of top can I wear with a tutu?
What to wear on top of your tutu? Whatever you want. But rules must be followed...

Hello ladies! 

If you're still wondering what to wear on top of your tutu, this post arrives just in time! 
First of all, if you're already the proud owner of a tutu or are eventually considering buying one, congrats! You're on the right path to become a member of the tutu squad (may the force be with us)! 
But to finally be one of the successful representatives of this fashion trend, you must be able to combine the tutu with the right top. Indeed, even if we support the "free the nipple" struggle, we want to keep it classy. 
So, a few points are important here : 

- THE COLOR of your top should go accordingly to the color of your tutu. Of course, black and white are quite the easy way through as it goes with all the colors (#noracism). But if in doubt, don't hesitate to consult a color palette which will guide you in color mixing. 

- THE SHAPE : wear a top that isn't either too long or too large. If it's too long, push it in! It will enhance your beautiful waist and make you look slimmer. If it's too large, just skip it. A tutu is already layered enough to make you fly so no need to add some more sails in the outfit.

- THE CLEAVAGE : if you have prominent breasts, don't go for a too deep cleavage. Classy not sassy!

And here you go!
If you respect those rules, you'll be the next Carrie Bradshaw in the city! 
PS : Keep in mind that bodies are a great option when it comes to a tutu outfit!