What tutu length fits me better considering my size?
On Feb 20, 2017
What tutu length fits me better considering my size?

Hello ladies! 

Haven't you wondered so many times "why does this skirt fits her perfectly and looks like shit on me?!"?

First of all, stop comparing yourself to others! You're wonderful as you are :) 
Second, our bodies are all different. One can be thinner, the other one can have shorter legs, etc. And as you probably noticed, all kind of clothes don't fit all kinds of body shapes!
That's why we, at Tutu Shop, have different lengths of tutus! It allows ANY GIRL in the world to wear the tutu that is perfect for her!

But which one should you pick considering your size? 

AH! That's a good question and it's quite easy to answer.

If you're small, it's always better to go for a tutu that is short or at least above the knee. Indeed, if you take a tutu that is too long, it will make you look even shorter and it will appeared like you gained weight (if it's in the butt, I'll take it though). But don't worry darlings! If you prefer the longer tutus, a pair of heels will compensate! 

If you're the average sized girl, everything fits you! But don't forget to pay attention to the position of the tutu : one that is put too much down on your hips can make you look like you wanna participate in a different kind of tv show. 

If you're very tall, you can pick whatever you want as well. Everything will look good on you! Sneakers or heels don't matter too much either. The most important for you will be to not bend over too much as you don't want to be the one who shows off her rainbow & unicorn sparkles panties! 

Now, time to pick your favorite skirt and enjoy it night and day!