The Perfect New Year's Eve Tutu Outfit
On Dec 27, 2016
The Perfect New Year's Eve Tutu Outfit

Are you looking to buy a tutu or do you have one but you wonder how to style it for NYE? Check the tips below & find out! 

1. How to wear your top? 

First of all, make sure your top is looking it's best :) Even if you can't add the extra's we set below, the way you fit your top in will make all the difference. 

The most important part here is that you show a clear waistline, take your belly button as a minimum height standard to wear your tutu. 
Check out the video below to see how it's done. 

2. Clarify your statement 

Wearing a tutu is already quite the statement, but if you want to enhance it with some extra bling, maybe you can find some inspiration below.

Chokers are very -in- right now,  you can get yours from our friends at Les Soeurs.
Next to the black one I'm wearing on the photo they also have these amazing rose metallic & silver ones. 

Try to finish your look with a small purse, it adds to the look & gives you a bit of

You can even wear a little scarf to finish the look.  

3. Are you more into our long tutu's? 

Same rules apply, definitely for the waistline, but try to make something more of the top you're wearing. Some bling is definitely allowed! 

But, not unimportant,
4. What if you can't wear heels anymore? 

No shame in that! I've been a flat shoe advocate for most of my life :)
Try all fancy sneakers & shoes in your closet and choose the ones you feel best in. 

Last, but not least, it's gonna be quite cold in Belgium on the 31st. 
5. Wearing a jacket on top of your tutu is complete go!

From bombers to a classic leather jacket, they all do the trick! 

Well, I very much hope the above tips will help you get through NYE with your tutu :) 
You'll definitely be the eye catcher of the evening.

Don't forget to take enough photo's and post them on your Instagram or our Facebook. Tag us with #tutushoponline and have a chance to win a free tutu on the 1st of every month. The only thing that rests me now, is to dance the night away! 
Looking forward seeing all your pictures! 

Lots of love,