Limited Edition: Gala Black Polka Dot Tutu

Our limited Gala Polka Dot edition.

*There is never a wrong time for a Polka Dot.*
 - Marc Jacobs

The Limited Edition Gala Black Polka Dot tutu is your new playful and fabulous friend for your next special occasion. With him, you won't ever be over- nor underdressed. Life just needs a few more Polka Dots.

Let's rock it endlessly and throw that happiness around like confetti!

The Tutu Shop’s Gala Black Tutu is floor length.

It’s double layered for extra volume & the bodice is made of stretchy crochet to enable a perfect fit.


 Why this Tutu?

  • Because, us, girls in tutu's, are made of stardust. Join the club! 
  • The Tutu Shop poufyness 
  • Easy to combine 
  • You can't have a bad day in Polka Dots


Hand wash or 30° machine wool program. 
Iron inside out or steam.


European Standard  34 - 38  38 - 44  
France  36 - 40  40 - 46
USA  4 - 8  8 - 14
Australia  8 - 12  12 -18
Shortest horror story ever: SOLD OUT